ERASMUS + KA131 Call for application for student traineeship mobility to Program Countries


Academic year 2022/2023

The University of Debrecen is announcing a call for application for the implementation of mobility for traineeship purposes within the framework of the Erasmus + program during the 2022/2023 academic year.


Erasmus + is a European Union program that includes education, training, youth and sport.

Further information:

1. Purpose of the application

Internship is a period spent in a company or organization in another program or partner country. It aims to help you acquire the skills needed in the Community labour market and to understand the economic and social culture of the host country.

Host company can be a private or public institution:

  • in the labour market,
  • in the field of education, training or youth.

They cannot be:

  • National Agencies,
  • European Union organizations.

2. Eligibility of applicants

Enrolled students of the University of Debrecen (undergraduate, master's, full-time, doctoral and higher vocational education, full-time and correspondence education) who have active student status. Individuals with doctoral candidate status are not eligible to apply. Students receiving a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship may not participate in mobility during their studies.

3. Eligible activities

Traineeship mobility of higher education students (length 2-12 months).

Combination of studies and traineeship (length 2-12 months).

4.Participating countries

Program countries:

Member States of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden)

As a non-EU Member State, the Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Serbia also participate in the program.

From the application year 2021 onwards, mobility to Partner countries will also be possible under the conditions set out in a separate call for proposals.

Partner countries:


General conditions for participation

Students who have just graduated can also take part in an internship within 12 months of graduation (in which case they must submit an application before obtaining a diploma and, in the case of a successful application, conclude a grant agreement as an active student).

The teaching assistant mobility activity is also considered an internship.

It is possible to participate in the first year of higher education.

The student passed the institutional assessment.

The student has the necessary language skills (the language of work at the host institution) and can prove this in a credible way when assessing the application. The student's language competences will be checked as required by the European Commission (online survey after selection and upon return).

The study period can be combined with an internship so that the internship takes place as part of the study mobility under the supervision of the same host higher education institution as where the student is studying. The grant amounts for such a "combined period" are the same as for the study period.

The total mobility period in a training cycle is a maximum of 12 months (even if there is zero grant mobility). The length of mobilities in previous program sections should also be added (even if zero grant mobility). One-tier study programs (i.e. medical, law, teacher training) covers two cycles, so the maximum aggregate mobility period for one-tier programs is 24 months.

Before starting to study abroad, it is necessary to conclude a content-agreed, written learning agreement for traineeship. The activity carried out during the mobility must fit into the student's training plan.

At the end of the professional mobility period, the foreign host institution / company must issue a certificate of the training program and results completed.

It is the duty of the sending institution to strive for full acceptance of the traineeship.

Students are also full-time students enrolled in their home institution during their period abroad, are entitled to a study grant or other benefits, but must also meet their tuition and other payment obligations at the parent institution (exception: after graduation mobilities).

The student must have an active student status with the sending institution until the end of the mobility (exception: after graduation mobilities).

Students pursuing an internship in a higher education institution are exempt from tuition fees at the host institution and enjoy all the rights of all students enrolled in the host institution.

In the case of internships, taking into account the specifics of each faculty, the faculties may have additional special restrictions. 

6. Documents required for the submission of an ERASMUS + student traineeship mobility application

Attention! The documents must be submitted in electronic form only (electronic documents scanned, in pdf format)!

Online application link:

Credit certificate for the semesters completed so far (at least 1 semester). In the case of master's and doctoral training, if the applicant has not yet completed a full semester, a certificate for the last semester of the previous undergraduate or master's degree may also be submitted. The certificate must include the subjects completed as well as the scholarship index. Certificates must be authenticated by the Education Office of the Faculty.

Proof of at least level B2 language proficiency (certificate of language proficiency in the language of work or proof of language proficiency by the language department).

CV in Europass format.

A letter of motivation, which contains the applicant's goals, the traineeship to be completed, as well as the host institution planned duration of the mobility (must be submitted on the online application form).

Faculties and departments directly coordinating ERASMUS relations may have additional restrictions for applicants.

Certificate of scientific / TDK work (optional).

Recommendation (optional).

7. Conditions for travel in the framework of ERASMUS + student traineeship mobility:

A positive decision on the application by the appropriate faculty committee, as well as a positive assessment at the institutional level. Document certifying active student status for the semester of the planned mobility.

Acceptance intent on behalf of the host institution applied for.

Before starting the traineeship, it is necessary to conclude a learning agreement for traineeship agreed on the content.  The learning agreement signed by all three parties (student, sending university, host institution) contains the details of the internship to be carried out in the host institution with the data content required by the Erasmus program.

Permission of the Faculty Study Subcommittee (depending on the faculty).

European Union health insurance card or health and accident insurance valid in the host country.

If required in the country, a valid student visa issued to ERASMUS students.

Carrying out an online language survey of the European Commission if the student is studying in one of the specified languages ​​and not his / her mother tongue.

Professional liability insurance for the duration of the internship.

8. Grant amounts

Summary table of planned grants 2021

HStudent traineeship

‘High cost of living’ program countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden,

+ Countries in the 14th partner region: Faroe Islands, Switzerland, United Kingdom

750 € / month

"Medium cost of living" program countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Malta, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal,

+ Countries in the 5th partner region: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City State)

750 € / month

Mobility to "Lower Cost of Living" program countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Northern Macedonia, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, (Hungary,) Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey)

Mobility to partner countries

(except for regions 5 and 14)

690 € / month

Mobility to partner countries

(except for regions 5 and 14)

700 € / month

+travel support

Equal opportunities support (supplementary social support)

+ 250 € / hó


Applicants are kindly requested to note that the scholarship does not necessarily cover all costs incurred during their stay abroad, it may be necessary to supplement it from other sources.

Participants who choose an eco-friendly / environmentally conscious form of travel, ie any alternative to traveling between countries by plane, will receive a one-off contribution of € 50 in addition to the individual allowance and, where applicable, up to 4 days of additional individual allowance to cover travel days.

Students with fewer opportunities are entitled to an additional € 250 per month in addition to their individual support under the EU's Erasmus + grant. Equal opportunities support is based on a separate application.


Deadline for submitting the application: Suspended due to lack of resources! A new application can be submitted under the 2023/2024 call for proposals.

Deadline for evaluation of the application: within 4 weeks after submission.

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