Cost of Living

  • Rent for 6 months 6x250 EUR = 1500 EUR
  • Deposit for 2 months 2x250 EUR = 500 EUR
  • Living expenses for 6 months 6x250 EUR = 1500 EUR
  • Books, stationary, household needs, transport 6x100 EUR
  • TOTAL 4100 EUR

Please note that the costs are calculated postulating moderate life style and medium category apartment rentals.

We advise students to bring at least 2000 EUR to begin with.

It is a good idea to bring cash if possible, since the banks ask for 5% commission to change travellers cheques. Unless Western Union Transfer is used, bank transfers take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive. It is difficult to use personal cheques also. The banks need at least 1 month (usually 6 weeks) to realize a personal cheque.

Here is a list to give you a rough idea of the living expenses in Debrecen:

  • accommodation: 40.000-100.000 HUF
  • a meal in the university canteen: 1000 HUF
  • a meal in a restaurant: 1500-4000 HUF
  • a loaf of bread: 250-300 HUF
  • a liter of milk: 250-300 HUF
  • a bottle of beer: 120-500 HUF
  • a bottle of wine: 400-3000 HUF
  • a season ticket for students (bus, tram): 3600 HUF
  • a single ticket (bus, tram): 300 HUF
  • cinema ticket: 790-1100 HUF

As of March 2015, 1 EUR is equal to 310 HUF, and 1 USD is equal to 280 HUF.

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